Hello ladies, gentlemen, and robots!

This is the place where I talk about myself in a way as witty as possible. If you're a lady, there's a good chance that I'm interested in you. But not so much as long as you're not a certain someone. If you're a gentleman, hi buddy! And if you're indeed a robot, you are especially welcome here. Please, make yourself at home and crawl around to your heart's content. So in case no one else bothers to read it, my legacy will at least live in your... memories.

Contrary to that rather cheerful introduction above, people will tell you that I radiate an aura of everlasting melancholia and mild depression. I prefer to call myself a realist. My presence is more likely to be felt online, and even here I mostly lurk. I rarely talk, I think too much, embodying the very definition of an introvert. I greatly enjoy solitude, to the point where it's considered unhealthy by many others. I am nocturnal, but I won't bite.

I play video games for a living. Okay, that's not entirely true. I've been working as an editor in a video game magazine since 2007. My job consists of preparing our monthly promotional DVDs, answering mails coming from our readers, writing articles on gaming industry, reviewing games that no one else cares to, quality-checking our issues before they're printed, doing translations, and entertaining our office cat. As you can imagine, I'm deeply interested in video game culture. I don't play as much as one would expect, but I'm interested in game design and hoping to create my tiny little indie games someday.

I'm aiming to be a gentleman and a scholar. I have an endless appetite for learning. Lately I've been in denial of traditional systems and trying to educate myself via online sources, and pretty much the only thing I lack is time. I've always been inclined towards self-education: I taught myself a second language as well as several computer programming languages. I spend a lot of my free time programming; I enjoy both building and reverse engineering software. I like to tinker with things and learn how they work. I turn to automation whenever possible, plausible, and applicable. And with time, I find myself embracing open-source philosophy more and more.

I'm interested in anything sciencey, you name it. Phytoplankton science? Yep, still interested. But I'm thrilled with modern physics, astronomy, cognitive science, neurobiology, artificial intelligence, robotics, and somewhat related topics of singularity and transhumanism in particular. Let's not forget science-fiction. One day for sure, I'll fall in love with a star, or cry out "space" with vowels far too many. Speaking of fiction, I watch more anime than anything else, and read more visual novels than actual books. Then again, pretty much everything we read is digital these days.

But then again, who am I? I think asking the right questions is the first step for getting the answers that matter. So, what am I? Not sure how to define myself, now that I think my self is merely an illusion. I consider this more-than-the-sum-of-its-parts existence of mine to be a conscious entity, a sentient being, an information processor, a DNA replicator. I am the witness of my own decisions. I am the cosmos experiencing itself.

Now that you've read the above paragraphs, you know approximately 88.5% of me. If you tell me about yourself too, we'll become friends in no time! If you need to contact me for whatever good reason, please send some cute panda images* as well. I'll be waiting.

* Number of panda images received so far: 9