What have I done?

One does forget, so I decided to make an incomplete list of things I've done so far.


Mostly in C++, formerly in Visual Basic, recently in Python.

  • Game engine: Advance, Seruven
  • Tracker: Oyunsayar, Taiga
  • User interface: Oyungezer DVD, TTNET Oyun

Reverse engineering

My attempts to understand how things work in order to aid development of other things.

  • Dictionary: MoonStar (a.k.a. MTU Sözlük)
  • Game engine: AdvWin32, BGI (a.k.a. Ethornell, Buriko General Interpreter)


Among other things, I've translated these below, from English to Turkish:

Editing, proof-reading and other contributions, in English or Turkish:


These are the websites I worked on their content and/or design.

Writing & Editing

Well, I do this for a living.

  • Video-game magazines: LEVEL (2007), CHIP Oyun (2007), Oyungezer (2007 - present), Free2Play (2009 - 2012)