After bearing up against all that rush of insensitivity that swept through the internet, I feel like letting it out.

Those who believe that "Japan deserved it"... So, you're basically saying that just because some Japanese people did nasty things to your ancestors some seventy years ago, completely unrelated people whom just happened to be born in Japan many decades after, deserved a horrible death by a natural disaster or its after effects, which you think is brought about by divine judgement, right?


Dear sir or madam, I feel obliged to say that your level of ignorance is an insult against human intelligence. It is a complete disregard for all the fundamental values and virtues us humans accumulated centuries upon centuries to understand each other and to live in peace, and prosper.

For you to not grieve is acceptable to a certain extent. But the fact that you seek cosmic retribution, as if Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not retribution enough, is beyond logical and passes the border of idiotic, even if everything did happen for a purpose. You may not know nothing about history, but first and foremost, you don't know nothing about the value of life. Our existence is so improbable, yet here we are, and it makes each one of us special in its own right, otherwise being insignificant within this vast universe.

They deserved it? Probably not as much as you did. Karma is a bitch? Don't lay your own expertise off on nature, for she's the most innocent of us all. Nature is not vengeful; it holds no grudge, bears no evil. It is indifferent, amoral, and it simply does not care.

You pass your own judgement according to your pathetic world view, trying to rationalize your train of thought with an irrational pile of junk. Please go on reassuring yourself under the cover of superstition, interpreting the tragedy that has fallen upon them and not you, as a sign of you are right and they are wrong, blaming the victim on your way.

Have a nice day.

Ah, I almost forgot.

Screw you.

  • Date published: March 16, 2011
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