Reach out to the truth!

Do you remember April 11th? The day Persona 4 started? A video recently uploaded to YouTube is leading us to a teaser site called Mayonaka TV, or Midnight Channel as we know it, where a counter is going to run out on exactly the same day.

This is almost certainly a sign of an upcoming Persona 4 anime, because of several clues that lie hidden at mayonaka-tv.jp:

  1. One image (currently not visible) depicts the famous glasses of Persona 4, in case that television was not enough for you.
  2. Another image (again, not visible) says "Index Corporation / P4A Committee". Index Corporation is the parent company of Atlus, developers of Persona series. "P4A" can be interpreted as "Persona 4 Anime".
  3. There are some keywords such as "jumpAnime" and "ANIME_START" in the source code.
  4. Several links lead us to Aniplex, producers of Persona's previous anime title, Trinity Soul.
  5. There's also a link that goes to www.P4A.jp, although that page appears blank at the moment.

That's all I could dig out for now. There also seems to be four teaser videos coming up between April 12th and May 14th according to a configuration file, though I couldn't find any way to reach them... I guess I should just get my glasses ready and wait for another day or two.

Update: Confirmed!


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